New Residents

New to Second Life? Here are some resources to help you get started. Be sure to check out the general resources too.

Top 8 Tips for Beginners
A basic overview on customizing your appearance, making friends, finding great places, shopping, and finding a home in Second Life.

Editing your appearance
Learn how to change your clothes and edit your body to fully customize your avatar.

Inventory system folders
Everything you own in Second Life goes into your Inventory. Find out how to use it and keep it organized.

Destination Guide New Resident Resources
Looking for some great places? Check out this guide.

Teleporting & using Landmarks
Teleporting is how we get around in Second Life. Learn how.

Second Life Acronyms
Second Life Slang
HUD, prim, Ruth, TP (no, it’s not toilet paper). Learn to speak SL lingo.

FabFree Headquarters
FabFree Blog
Easily the best place for free clothing and accessories all in one place in Second Life. At the blog, the writers scour SL for terrific freebies.

Another excellent blog of freebie goodies.

Exodi has three complete female avatars for residents under 30 days old – shapes, skins, eyes, hair, clothes, the works.

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