Advancing Residents

Been in Second Life a while? Ready to expand and improve your experience? Check out these resources.

Age Verification
Adding payment info
Verify you’re an adult and add payment information to your account to access more of Second Life.

Premium membership
Upgrade your account and receive free gifts, lindens, land, a Linden Home, access to exclusive sandboxes, and increased support.

Beginning landowner FAQ
Ready to own your own piece of the virtual world? Learn all about land.

Third-party viewers
Third-party viewers have their pros and cons, but it’s good to know you have options when it comes to your experience.

WindLight is Second Life’s atmosphere rendering technology — what turns the world from day to night, what makes the clouds roll by, and the water sparkle. You can change these settings and create unique environments.

Pocket Metaverse
iPhone and iPad client for Second Life.

Mobile Grid
Second Life on your Android phone.

The largest and longest running community site dedicated to the virtual world of Second Life featuring photo-sharing, a forum, shopping, a community calendar and more.

Hundreds of Second Life residents and groups showing off their awesome SL photography.

The active Second Life community at Plurk, a social-networking site.

Second Life Facebook
Second Life Twitter
There’s a vibrant SL community on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to search for more than these.

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