Awesome Blossom Closing

Another wonderful store, Awesome Blossom, is closing. According to the store’s blog:

Starting January 1 and running through January 15th, everything in the entire store is 50% OFF! That includes prefabs too! After January 15th my items will still be available on the Market Place at their regular prices. If I ever do get the building bug I will release items there and some might even show up for FREE so make sure you stay in the Update Group, or join it if you aren’t in it already, so you’ll know when that happens! There are group joiner signs located at the front of the Awesome Blossom mainstore.

And finally, while I am closing my store, I am NOT leaving SL completely. I am however looking forward to the relaxing side of SL once again. Thank you again for all of your support and remember…

All is full of awesome!

Thank you, Awesome Blossom, and best of luck!

6 Things I Learned About Land in Second Life

Second Life

I had a Linden Home for over a year. It was a Plumtree Meadowbrook, a two-story, spacious, suburban home in a quiet neighborhood. Even while I had my beloved shack in New Toulouse Bayou, I kept my Linden Home. I liked it and it made for a great escape.

A Linden Home is a great option for someone new to Second Life. It is included in premium membership, uses included tier, and requires almost no set up. You just pick your house and Linden Lab does the rest and then you’re ready to move in. A Linden Home has its limitations, however. You can’t change the style or edit the house or terrain, and you can only customize so much. The 117-prim limit can feel restrictive.

After a while of being in Second Life and acquiring beautiful homes through hunts and other gifts as well as nifty decorative items I couldn’t prim-afford, I decided it was time to graduate from my Linden Home and find a larger parcel in some little corner of my virtual world. After getting some great advice from friends at SLU, I hit the air in search of new territory to conquer. Here’s what I learned.

Pocket Gardens

Have you been to Pocket Gardens in New Toulouse?

Pocket Gardens has a great concept.  It offers landscaping in a rezzable object. If you don’t quite have the mad skills, time, primmage, or lindens to design a landscape, gather the individual items, and put it all together, you can let Pocket Gardens do it for you.

Second Life


The Easy Life

Second Life

That’s the name of one this beautiful budoir set from Second Spaces for this weekend’s edition of Spruce Up Your Space. The Easy Life includes everything you see here and is a steal at just L$150. The standing pose is from Olive Juice for Super Bargain Saturday and don’t miss Pink Fuel’s skin sale on its Skye and Ember lines.


  • The Easy Life lounger set: Second Spaces for Spruce Up Your Space
  • PJs: Aqua – Dream Easy in Red
  • Nail polish: Vextra Messing Supershine Nail Polish & Toe Nail Polish (Red/Vixen)
  • Skin: Pink Fuel Skye <Chai> – Pure (dkbrow)
  • Cucumber mask on tattoo layer, mine
  • Hair: Joy – brown by Sheltered Heart
  • Eyes: Mynerva for the Geekgasm Hunt
  • Pose: Olive Juice
  • Viewer: Phoenix Viewer

Dude Looks Like a Lady

Second Life

This awesome Star Wars set is from the 49 L Sale For Dudes Event #4 so call me dude because I love it! It comes with the couch, potted plant, stack of books with R2-D2, and the three frames. The couch has a bunch of poses. I’m wearing the new skin gift from Belleza and some more goodies from the Seasons Hunt.


  • Star Wars furniture set: Wonderkids
  • Shoes: mocha for the Seasons Hunt
  • Pants: Young Urban for the Seasons Hunt
  • Sunglasses: Alphavillain for the Seasons Hunt
  • Sweater: Tiny Bird for the Seasons Hunt
  • Skin: Belleza (new group gift)
  • Hair: elikatira (free in store)
  • Nail polish: Vextra
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors