My name is Cosette and I’m a metaverse and pop culture junkie. Jupiter Firelyte is my avatar in the virtual world of Second Life.

I joined Second Life February 09, 2010 because I was fascinated with the technology and was drawn to the idea of a world where people could be whatever they want. In Second Life, you are not confined by your body, your sex/gender, your race, your ability or disability, even your species.

Second Life is not a game. What I mean by game is structured playing with components such as rules and goals. These elements certainly exist in Second Life. You can play a wide range of games including board and arcade games, racing games, sports, combat, and role-playing, but Second Life is not a game in and of itself. What I discovered is that Second Life mirrors real life in many ways. You can be a creator of art, education, clothing, furniture, and so forth much like there are artists, teachers, and designers in real life. Second Life is, in fact, used by government and educational institutions as well as tourism agencies, churches, businesses, museums, and other organizations.

You can also be a consumer, which is what I am. Although I enjoy taking a workshop and discovering new music, I spend most of my time in Second Life exploring the grid and seeing what others create as well as shopping. That’s what this blog is about, just me having fun in Second Life.

When I’m not working or playing in the metaverse, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading, and exploring the world.

I love hearing from people so if you’ve got a comment, question, or a tip on where to go, and what not to miss, contact me. I love comments so feel free to leave them; you can review my comment policy here.