Purple Winter

Second Life

It took me a long time to snap this photo on the bridge. It’s not often that I get to take snapshots with shadows. Turning them on makes my FPS drop drastically and soon crash. Once I got my outfit together and find a nice spot, I get into position, find a pose and windlight, up my graphics and cross my fingers.

I got it all together and just as I was about to click that snapshot button, a new resident ran into me. I figured she was just passing through, but stopped to chat.

What are doing here alone, Jupiter? Oh, could you take a picture of me? Oh, teach me how? Great! Yes, I see that button. Drag it out, ok. Could you take a picture of us together? But my avatar keeps moving. Oh, poses, great. Thank you! Yes, I really like SL so far. Be my friend? Yay, thanks!

I got my photo eventually and, hopefully, we have new shutterfly in Second Life.

On another note, I love this dress from Fishy Strawberry. This store has become a favorite.

Second Life


  • Nails: Slate Gray by Rezipza Loc
  • Hairbase & Hair: Baby Love in White by LoQ for the With Love (again) hunt (L$10)
  • Dress: Plisse Dress in Plum by Fishy Strawberry for the Dressing Room
  • Turtleneck: Breathe Sweater in Silver by Tiny Bird
  • Leggings: Purple plain leggings by Jill
  • Boots: Wedge boots by Woot for Xyroom
  • Necklace: Rudolf in love necklace in gold by glow studio
  • Location: Old Europe Winter Village
  • Poses: Olive Juice and marukin for Four Corners
  • Viewer: Second Life 3.2.4
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