Vintage Fur

Second Life

I love this outfit. It has an elegant, vintage feel with the puffy, Victorian blouse and two-toned, Oxford-style shoes, but the fur skirt and platforms on the shoes are very modern.

A curious thing about the skirt is that it’s an attachment with an alpha layer and doesn’t come with glitch pants. I think it’s mesh, which would mean that, to residents using certain viewers, I would appear as if I were wearing little more than a donut. Glitch pants are a good thing, dear designers.


  • Hairbase: Platinum by HeartSick
  • Hair: Caroline in arctic by Exile
  • Nails: Golden Brown Nails by RezIpsa Loc
  • Top: Victorian Blouse Mustard by So Many Styles for the Dressing Room
  • Skirt: Fur Skirt by PRISS for Project Themeory
  • Shoes: Appaloosa Booties by BAX for the Dressing Room
  • Necklace: Time Goes By Necklace, gold, by glow studio for the Dressing Room
  • Pose: marukin for Collabor88
  • Location: SolAria
  • Viewer: Viewer: Second Life 3.2.0
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