Furried No More

Second Life

My furry adventure has come to a close. I spent a month living virtually as an anthropomorphic cat and you know what happened? Nothing. And a lot.

Last month, after reading about another incident of furry-harrassment, I decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about. It had not occurred to me that furries might not be well-liked in Second Life. After much deliberation I settled on this black feline, the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet from Tokushi. Here she is in all her divine Egyptian glory.

I got harrassed my very first day, which may just have been an unrelated griefing, and that was the only unpleasant incident that occurred. I went about my normal bussiness throughout the month, shopping and exploring the grid, and I even took some time out to hang out at clubs and info hubs, which are not things I usually do. Nobody insulted me or asked me to leave. One person asked me what I was and another said I was cute. That was the extent of comments regarding my feline. Around the internet, my blog and photos were still visited, still posted in other feeds and Flickr groups, and the general reception has been as positive as usual.

One unexpected and positive result of this experiment was that it shook me out of myself. That is, the virtual representantion of myself. I was very attached to my avatar and seeing her as an extension of myself meant she didn’t wear certain things or engage in certain behaviors. I feel less attached to her now and am excited about experimenting with her further. I’m not going back to my regular human avi tomorrow. I’ve got something else in store.

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  1. Reactions to furries often depends upon the actions of the furry in question. I can’t speak as to Second Life, as I don’t participate there, but most of the negative things I have ever heard about furries, in general, is based on how they interact with the non-furry culture around them. If they are @$$es, they will get treated as such by many.

  2. There are always people out there with their preconceived judgement, but I think that’s what it really comes down to. I behaved as I always do and got treated as I always have. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Blaise Glendevon

     /  11/30/2011

    I hope you’ll switch back into your fur face every now and again. I think your approach to doing “furry” is mine – and I spend about 75% of my time in some anthro avatar. (Also, we both have the Tokushi, so I’ve snapped up all the hair you fit to match the face. It’s a hard one to fit, even by furry standards.) The looks have been fun, for sure.

    But, it has always seemed peculiar to me that in a world where one can be anything, some people limit themselves to human.

  4. I agree, Blaise! One of the reasons SL appealed to me was because of the idea that you can be and do anything! I was actually disappointed to discover that it’s so much like real life. This is especially true with female avatars and the huge numbers of pornified Barbies. And you’re not kidding about the hair. Thanks for your comments!


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