Linden Bears

Second Life

Simon Linden Bear

I was roaming over the mainland and I came across Linden Village. I’d never been there before so I looked around and spotted a bear on the roof of one house. It has a hover text, “Click me to get Simon Bear info.” So I clicked and found myself on a mission.

I never see a Linden and I’m not part of the discussion on the development of Second Life so I guess it’s no surprise that I wasn’t too familiar with Linden Bears. I’d only heard of them in passing, but I’d never seen one or knew much about them.

Linden Bears are teddy bears made by Lindens, each one is personalized and, in some cases, not actually a bear. You can have it by just asking though some may be limited to special occasions or events. A few are available inworld and on the Marketplace, which is how I’ve obtrained mine so far. There’s a wiki entry with images and footnotes containing tips to finding some Linden Bears, but most of them are outdated. So, remember, if you see a Linden, ask him/her for a bear.

Second Life

A beach of bears, but you can't have any of these.

Second Life

Rescuing Soft Linden Bear.

Second Life

A collection of Linden Bears at Linden Estate Services.

Second Life

My scrawny collection of Linden Bears.

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