Goodbye, Port Seraphine

Second Life

Port Seraphine is closing by the year’s end. This includes the PixelDolls main store.

I don’t know how long PixelDolls has existed, but it was one of the first stores I found when I joined Second Life almost two years ago. Thanks to the store’s generous gifts and low prices, I got  past my newbie look real fast, and PixelDolls remained a favorite. I’ve mentioned before that I have so much from PixelDolls, I could open my own outlet and, more than once, I’ve bought an outfit twice because I didn’t realize I already had it.

It’s a little surprising then that PixelDolls has appeared so little in my blog. As a fond farewell, here is a tiny number of my favorite pieces.

Everything at PixelDolls, including Chroma, Romance, and Gallactic, is currently just L$50.


  • Hair: Soft in Black 03 by elikatira
  • Clothing: PixelDolls
  • Poses: pda
  • Location: Port Seraphine
  • Viewer: Second Life 3.2.0
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  1. Why are they closing?

  2. PixelDolls has been in Second Life for many years and it looks like its owner is just ready to move on to other projects. I think we can expect to see more great things from her in the future.


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