Explore: Aero Pines Park

Second Life

The caves at Aero Pines Park.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I used the Search today to find some Thanksgiving events and thought I’d check out the Annual Thanksgiving Dance Pow Wow at the Aero Pines Park & Recreation Area. Turns out that was two days ago, but I stayed to explore the area and I’m so glad I did.

Aero Pines Park is a terrific place for a date or a day with friends. There is so much to do! It’s a large and beautiful area with horseback riding, a rodeo, bull riding, hot air balloons, swimming holes, caves, beaches, bicycle trails, carriage rides, planes and choppers, canoes, and an underwater club (with free mermaid tails for him and her). There’s also a cafe, campfires, and other places to sit and relax. With all the different scenery, from warm beaches to snowy mountaintops, it makes a great place to play with windlight and snap photos.

Second Life

Paddle a canoe down the river.

Second Life

A chilly waterfall.

Second Life

Warm up in the cabin.

Second Life

Fly a chooper or plane (or crash one like I did).

Second Life

Free mermaid tails for him and her.

Second Life

A temple atop the mountain.

Second Life

A hidden treasure. Can you find it?


  • Hair: Soft in Black 03 by elikatira
  • Top: Alice Cullen blouse by Sassy for the Twilight Saga hunt (free)
  • Skirt: Woolen skirt by Y & R (free, Lucky Board)
  • Poses: hate me and eat me
  • Location: Aero Pines Park & Recreation Area
  • Viewer: Second Life 3.2.0
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