Bon Bon

Second Life

My furry experiment is about being out in the (virtual) world and seeing how human avatars treat me. So far, it’s been just fine. The only incident of furry harassment was perpetrated by someone in a furry avatar.

The truth is that I don’t spend that much time exploring the grid. I spend much of my time inworld alone shopping, sorting purchases, and getting dressed. When I explore, I find some random lonely destination. Second Life is a solitary escape for me after a long day with a lot of people. This does not bode well for my experiment, which depends on interaction. I decided to hit an info hub. Those are always fun, chaotic, and full of characters. I went to a favorite, Moose Beach at Bay City. It was surprisingly quiet and peaceful. There were these two cute girls begging. I gave them some lindens. The first thanked me and said she would be quiet just for me. The second seemed sad that she now had a few lindens for heroin.

Second Life


  • Hair: Mochi in black b by Yulicie for the Tropicalia Bazaar
  • Dress: Bon Bon in gray by Magic Nook for the Dressing Rom
  • Necklace: NHA! (old group gift)
  • Pose: MNK
  • Location: Moose Beach, Bay City
  • Viewer: Second Life 3.2.0
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