Furry Against Furry

Second Life

Yesterday was my first day as a furry. I mentioned in my blog entry on furries yesterday that part of my motivation for wanting to explore this theme are the complaints I’ve read about harassment. Obviously, not everyone likes everything in Second Life and some people are just jerks; we all know this. I expected to get an off-color comment at some point, but I was rather flippant at what I thought were just exaggerations. Boy, was I wrong.

I went to R.icielli, which is having a sale. I shopped without a problem and was on the first floor near the entrance camming up into the second and giving the store one final look before going. I didn’t see when the two avatars arrived. I noticed them when they began yelling insults at me in Nearby Chat. I brought my camera back to normal and saw them pushing me. One, ironically, was a rabbit. The other was a cloud that never rezzed. Both have female names.

I didn’t respond. I just snapped some photos and AR’ed them while they went on for about a minute until another shopper (a human avatar) asked them to stop. They did, but only to turn their abuse towards her. They appeared to follow her into the next room and I lost sight of them because I stayed in the lobby completing my ARs. About five minutes later, the shopper returned to the lobby and I thanked her. We chatted for a moment and she said the two avatars had followed her through the store pushing and insulting her. Sure enough, they were right behind her, but she had ARed and muted them. They left a minute later.

The episode lasted about eight minutes. I would post the chat log, but it’s full of expletives and nothing good would come of posting their names. I’m contented with the fact they’ve been reported by at least two people. The store had more shoppers so perhaps others ARed them too.

There is no doubt that this was furry-motivated. It was clear by their language. I’ve never been personally griefed and found this incident utterly bizarre especially in light of the fact that at least one of them is a furry. The adventure continues.

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  1. Oh wow… I don’t even know what to say. The irony is thick.

    I’m wondering if the rabbit avatar was just another griefer since they’re wearing a library avatar, but, none of it makes any sense.

    I’ve been reading about your experience on here and slu, and I can’t wait to see more. I hope the rest is non eventful and nice. 🙂

  2. Thanks!

  3. xi larnia

     /  11/03/2011

    I too wonder if they were trolling, looking to cause issues so they would have something to vent and complain about. Some people need drama so much, they have to create it if they can’t find it.

    I hope your second day as a furry goes beter

  4. Thanks! I’m sure people like this will be a small minority. As I travel through SL, most people are friendly or just doing their own thing.

  5. Trickett

     /  11/10/2011

    Personally, I differentiate between “furry” and “anthropomorphic”. Anthropomorphic is an avatar whereas furry is a lifestyle.
    I’ve also been told griefers tend to use anthro avatars, which is probably why you were trolled by another anthro avatar.
    But this is a very interesting experiment and your avatar looks great. :3

  6. Good definitions, Trickett, and that makes sense to me. “Furry” is the more familiar word, but my inner Pagan anthropologist really likes “anthropomorphic”. Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by and commenting!


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