Second Life

One of the oldest example of an anthropomorphic figure is the lion man of the Hohlenstein Stadel. It’s 32,000 years old. I can easily think of dozens of examples of anthropomorphic beings from the ancient Epgyptian gods down to Mickey Mouse, but I had never heard the word “furry” until I came to Second Life.

I didn’t pay much attention to furries. I thought they were cute the way I think Peter Rabbit and Hello Kitty are cute and I accepted them as part of Second Life’s landscape along with fairies, mermaids, vampires, Goreans, dolls, and so forth. But as it turns out, I’ve heard a few complain that furries are not well-liked in general apparently over ideas about their sexual preferences as if human avatars never get downright bizarre.

In any case, I’ve decided to check it out for myself. It’s fun to broaden one’s SL horizons. With some help from the good folks at SLU and after much deliberation, I’ve settled on a lovely feline avatar and I will wear this avatar exclusively for a while. I have to admit that the experience is already stranger than I thought it would be and I haven’t even left my Linden Home yet. This avatar doesn’t look like me, doesn’t feel like me. It will take some getting used to. I’m glad to discover, however, that regular clothes seem to fit for the most part and I can remain just as fashionable.

Second Life


  • Avatar: Tokushi
  • Hair: Looking in Black 03 by elikatira
  • Dress: Allone Beige by Ivalde for Fashionably Late (new)
  • Pose: oOo Studio for Fashionably Late (new)
  • Viewer: Second Life 3.1.0
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