Second Life

Amphitrite hair ornament

I’ve mentioned bewildebeest before in previous posts when I’ve worn the designs during my explorations of Pocket Gardens and Anna’s Many Murders. It’s one of the most interesting jewelry brands in Second Life. I have quite a bit of it in my Inventory, a mix of purchased items, group gifts, and gifts from designer Coyote Momiji.

I have a few favorite standbys, but I don’t wear much jewelry in Second Life. Yet there is something special and charming about bewildebeest. The collection is elegant without taking itself too seriously and that couldn’t be more evident with pieces like Good Morning!, a ring featuring a steaming cup of coffee, and Booty Ring with a treasure chest. Momiji is smart and witty and that comes through in pieces like The Caged Bird Sings hair ornament,  the Lord Byron Writing Desk Ring, and the Liberte, Egalite, Abruptly Amputee series featuring a golden guillotine. I especially like Momiji’s rings. For more traditional tastes, bewildebeest offers a wide assortment of jewelry that feels classic, but is wholly fresh and original. Much of it is available with different metals and gemstones. Most items come in under L$250.

Second Life

The Caged Bird Sings hair ornament

Second Life

Salome veil and Selene necklace & earrings

Second Life

Lilliputian Abode, Good Morning!, Sea's Circle, Zaara rings


  • Skin: Gina, sunkissed, 04 Galaxy by Tuli
  • Lips: Gina, sunkissed, Nude by Tuli
  • Hair & Hairbase: Tiramisu in Dark Brown by LoQ (new group gift)
  • Eyes: Mynerva
  • Nails: Raven by Rezipsa Loc
  • Dress: Bijou dress in Cranberry by Ingenue (Seasons Hunt Autumn)
  • Jewelry: bewildebeest
  • Poses: Luba, drm, Body Language
  • Viewer: Second Life 3.1.0
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  1. Lovely pictures! I never thought of pairing Selene and Salome, but I *should* have! ❤

    • Thanks! Originally, I took a photo of Salome and then took it off and put on Selene, but then I had a “wait a minute” moment. They go perfect together!


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