Collaborating: Linden Lab’s new viewer

Second Life

Viewer 3.2.0 Beta Candidate

Earlier this week, Linden Lab released a new beta candidate viewer. I already use the official viewer so this development viewer, 3.2.0, does not hold a big learning curve for me, but it includes some great new features that I am loving.

The big change that pops right away is all the screen real estate. The sidebar is gone. Replacing it are buttons for each of the panels (i.e. Inventory, Move, People, etc.). You can choose icons or icons with labels, customize the toolbar if you want to show some buttons, but not others, and, perhaps best of all, you can decide where to place buttons (at the bottom, along the sides, or both).

Second Life

Choose your buttons and put them where you want.

Another significant change is that there is only one viewer mode, no more Basic or Advanced, but this viewer integrates some of the better features from Basic Mode such as the Avatar Picker and Destinations. Other new features include Dashboard and Toolbar added to the Me menu and a Shop button to the top toolbar. Notifications now appear at the top right as does the IM chat box, but this can be moved as all the panels can and the viewer should remember your preferred placement.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of things this viewer doesn’t deliver. The default camera placement is still terrible and Nearby Chat remains separate from IMs. Being in development, the viewer is performing poorly for me and crashes often, but I expect these bugs will be sorted out by the time it is officially released.

Overall, I’m happy with it and I look forward to viewer 3 coming out of beta. It worked well enough for me to take a snapshot of my new outfit. The bustier and culottes are courtesy of the Sea Hole, part of a mini-hunt at Collabora88. Twelve candies contain six bustiers and six pairs of culottes in different colors.

Second Life


  • Skin: Gina, sunkissed, 01 bare by Tuli
  • Lips: Gina, sunkissed, Coral by Tuli
  • Eyes: Mynerva
  • Nails: Orange You Glad by Rezipsa Loc
  • Hairbase: Coffee, Amacci
  • Hair: Heart in Snickers by !lamb for Collabora88
  • Bracelet: Wanderer by League
  • Top: Odette Bustier in marmalde by the Sea Hole for Collabora88
  • Pants: Odette Culottes in persimmon 1 by the Sea Hole for Collabora88
  • Shoes: Ultimate Ashanti by Baby Monkey
  • Pose: Glitterati
  • Viewer: Second Life 3.2.1 Development
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