Second Life
I love Octoberville!

Second Life

Octoberville 2010 Wall of Fame

Octoberville is a mystery hunt game. Last year, the game cast the player in the role of detective in the town haunted by the ghosts of people who perished in a mysterious fire. Your goal was to find the ghosts, learn what they wanted, and help put them to rest. I discovered Octoberville last year and it took me a few days of obsessive game play to finish the hunt. There are a few prizes for the first three people to complete the game as well as random drawings, but unlike typical hunts, you’re not looking for clothes or other products. Octoberville is just for fun. And it is fun! Once you finish it, your name goes on the Wall of Fame for bragging rights.

Second Life

People having fun at Octoberville.

I’m not far enough yet to discover what the plot is this year and I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it’s just as fun so far. It’s also harder! Luckily, there’s a wonderful inworld group, IRC chat, and website forum to help you along. The organizers of Octoberville kindly request to keep scripts to a minimum to help reduce lag so I opted for a simple outfit of my Octoberville 2010 jersey, blue jeans, and orange sneakers.


  • Skin: Gina / sunkissed 01 Bare, Tuli
  • Hairbase & hair knot: Amacci
  • Shirt: Octoberville Wall of Fame Jersey 2010
  • Jeans: New Gen, faded, Insatiable Fashions
  • Location: Octoberville
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