Pocket Gardens

Have you been to Pocket Gardens in New Toulouse?

Pocket Gardens has a great concept.  It offers landscaping in a rezzable object. If you don’t quite have the mad skills, time, primmage, or lindens to design a landscape, gather the individual items, and put it all together, you can let Pocket Gardens do it for you.

Second Life

Thalia (shown above) is a favorite. It is menu-customizable with three color themes and six ground textures, including an alpha ground to seamlessly blend the prefab with your own ground. The bench has a sweet couples pose and the set also includes environmental sounds that change with the SL day (or you can turn it off). And if that weren’t enough, it’s available in three different sizes and prim counts all very reasonably priced. The higher-prim versions include a few more items like a lampost and another sit animation.

Second Life

Castalia (shown above) is another beautiful prefab. It’s also available in three sizes and has a menu to let you select from three color schemes and seven ground textures. The larger options with more prims have more goodies like a beam of light, a lampost, and a book with animation.

Second Life

What I love about Pocket Gardens is the package. It’s so much easier to just rez a garden in one piece and then just pick it up easily. They’re great for pictures too, like Mood: Nostalgic (shown above). Pocket Gardens also has garden benches, plant beds, and planters.

Second Life

And there’s the lovely Stormy Aluveaux, co-owner of Pocket Gardens, who caught me lounging outside.


  • Skin: Aiko, tan, Belleza (group gift)
  • Hairbase: Coffee, Amacci
  • Hair: Bitter, Kit Kat, lamb
  • Nails: Nudie, Rezipsa Loc
  • Eyes: Mynerva
  • Top: Lace Details Sweater, Fishy Strawberry
  • Pants: Iunno jeans, dark wash, fri.day
  • Necklace: Drinkwater Looking Glass, bewildebeest
  • Bracelets: Rainbow Junkie, bewildebeest
  • Pose: A&A
  • Location: Pocket Gardens
  • Viewer: Linden Lab  2.6.9 with Starlight
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