Don’t Explore: Route 7

Second Life

I began my morning at Libestus Pierand went northeast. I ran into my first problem when I couldn’t find the road.

I was at the end of it (or the beginning depending on how you look at things). The rez area is a small, isolated piece of what’s left of the road. It’s pretty useless because if you rez a vehicle, you’ll drive it into the water. You can explore by sea, but that has its share of problems. The road is a little further down, beyond the rez point, so I walked to the next rez point and grabbed my car.

What I saw of Route 7 is a mess. Parts of the road are missing. I realize this is intentional and meant to be humorous and charming, but it’s not; it’s obnoxious. The road goes through what appear to be private residences, some of which have ban lines or will eject you. After a couple times of that and crashing by a sandbox that was being attacked by a griefer, I’d had enough of Route 7.

At least I looked good sporting some new goodies!


  • Skin: Spirit: Harmony: Truffles, Heartsick (free, Lucky Board)
  • Teeth: Heartsick
  • Hairbase: Natural Brown, Amacci
  • Hair: Just in Brown 10, elikatira
  • Eyes: Mynerva
  • Nail polish: Honey, Vextra Messing Supershine Nail Polish
  • Top: Blossom Promenade in White, mocha for Fifty Linden Friday
  • Skirt: Denim Skirt, Bukka (free, Lucky Board)
  • Boots: Wanderer Boots in Russet, Tiny Bird
  • Jewelry: Wanderer Set, League
  • Pose: DESIRE
  • Viewer: Linden Lab 2.6.3 + StarLight
  • Location: Route 7
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