Explore: Bay City (and more Seasons Hunt)

Second Life

I flew into the Bay City Municipal Airport, which was surprisingly busy. After a brief conversation with a rather tall fellow and his well-accessorized dog, I grabbed my bike and was off to the explore the city.

Bay City is quite large with over 20 regions of attractions, parks, shops, and private residences. There are some cafes and clubs as well as parks, fishing, bowling, hot air balloon rides, and more.  It’s easy to explore on foot or on a bike and some areas also run a trolley. There are rezzing spots so you may be able to rez a car or other vehicle.

Second Life

The first stop on my agenda was the Molexandria Archaeological Site. I love history so I couldn’t pass on seeing the legendary Mole Ruins.  I also made a point to visit the Bay City Yacht Harbor, the Bayjour Theater, and stop for coffee at Cafe Deco.

Second Life Second Life

As I was riding down a path nearing a bridge, I spotted a large, dark building across the canal. It turned out to be the Channel Island Asylum. I don’t know about you, but abandoned asylums pretty much top my Creepy list, but it’s no fun to explore them in the daytime so I decided to come back later. I went to grab some dinner and kill time at Squishy Bottoms in Moose Beach, which is very cute, but — be warned — also an Infohub. It wasn’t long before a newbie sat down at my table.

Second Life

Jupiter Firelyte: Well, please join me. lol

dharan: lol

Jupiter Firelyte: Welcome to SL, dharan.

dharan: ahahah…yeah thkz

dharan: i need a hot girl

dharan: lets make out

Jupiter Firelyte: No, thanks.

dharan: great

dharan: lol

Jupiter Firelyte: I’m not so much into making out with strangers.

Jupiter Firelyte: Call me crazy.

I went back to the old asylum after sundown and just as I suspected, creepy asylum is creepy.

Second Life Second Life Second Life


  • Skin: Gina Sunkissed 01 Bare, Tuli
  • Lips on tattoo layer: Gina Sunkissed Lips in Apricot, Tuli
  • Hairbase on tattoo layer: Natural Brown, Amacci
  • Hair: Sky Might Fall in Dark Brown, Tiny Bird for the Seasons Hunt
  • Eyes: Mynerva
  • Nail polish: Powder Pink by Rezipsa Loc
  • Top: Cinched Waist Tank Floral, Willow for the Seasons Hunt
  • Pants: High Waist Trouser in Brown, 1-800-BETTIE’s
  • Shoes: Floral flats, un Jour for the Seasons Hunt
  • Necklace: My Own Tree, Concrete Flowers for the Seasons Hunt
  • Purse: Gran’s Attic, TOSL for the Seasons Hunt
  • Pose: tram
  • Viewer: Linden Lab 2.6.2


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