Explore: The Nautical Season(s Hunt)

Second Life

I began my day at Warben, a quiet, little island. After a pleasant stroll and pause at Leoming for an orange popsicle, I grabbed a sailboat and headed towards a nearby island with a mysterious pyramid. I was pooped by the time I climbed to the top, but it was worth it.

Second Life Second Life Second Life Second Life Second Life

Making my way down again, I hopped back into my sailboat and headed north to explore another nearby island in Tiora. If you’ve ever wanted to go to a deserted tropical island, it’s hard to beat this area. The islands here are lovely and lag-free and because they’re owned by the Linden Department of Public Works, they are here for your enjoyment and you can rez boats and other items.

Second Life

The real surprise was a little further north — the Sandcastle. Most of the structure is empty, but the throne room is well worth a visit.

Second Life Second Life

Heading north again, I came to another tropical paradise, Volterra, complete with tiki huts and a lovely waterfall.  This time I decided to go for a swim.

To the northwest is another island, Urbino. Unlike the others, this one has a furnished shack and food, but whoever lives here wasn’t home. As the sun was beginning to set, I decided to help myself to the food and warm bed.

Second Life Second Life


  • Skin: Gina Sunkissed 01 Bare by Tuli
  • Lipgloss on tattoo layer: Miss Priss Lipgloss 1 (clear) by Cheap Makeup
  • Blush on tattoo layer: Everyday blush 7 by cheLLe
  • Hairbase on tattoo layer: Natural Brown, Amacci
  • Hair: Lost Coastlines in Dark Brown by Tiny Bird
  • Eyes: Mynerva
  • Nail Polish: Snowy White by Rezipsa Loc
  • Top: Nautical Shirt by Alphavillain for the Seasons Hunt
  • Pants: Gaucho Pants by NSD for the Seasons Hunt
  • Shoes: Espadrille Flats by Duh for the Seasons Hunt
  • Bikini: Out There in the Dark Bikini by Pig for the Seasons Hunt
  • Ring: Fly Little Bird Ring by Magic Nook for the Seasons Hunt
  • Necklace: Superstar by Stellar
  • Poses: Embody, Area Code
  • Sailboat: Linden Department of Public Works (free)
  • Viewer: Linden Lab 2.6.2


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