Explore: Route 14

Second Life

SL Route 14 is a road along four important historical sites of dubious historical importance: Sandy Trunks Beach, Seven Chickens Bridge, Dead Mole’s Curve, and End of the Line Inn.

I won’t go into great detail about these places; I encourage you to explore them yourself, but I will tell you about this photo. It was taken at the Seven Chickens Bridge. According to the marker:

On July 8th, 1919, seven chickens lept from this bridge in an apparent murder-suicide pact. The coopleader of the group is believed to have intended for all to die in the icy waters below. Fortunately, chickens are not very smart. They did not realize that this was a dry riverbed, in in a subtropical zone, and it was July. Unfortunately, chickens are also not very robust, and they died anyway when they landed on the rocks below.

Seeing the tragedy, the local townsfolk held a memorial in honor of the poor chickens who died that day. Everyone remarcked how much the chickens would be missed and shared stories over buffalo wings and chicken salad sandwiches.

Walking or riding a bicycle are a couple of the best ways to travel down the narrow road, but there’s also a bus you can ride. Along the way, there are homes, some attractions, and a few great shops like the Griffon Aviation Heliport where you can fly some choppers, the skin store Garden Secret, and the awesome Gothic shopping experience CULTO.


  • Skin: Gina Sunkissed 01 Bare, Tuli
  • Lips on tattoo layer: Gina Sunkissed Lips in Sweet, by Tuli
  • Eyes: Mynerva
  • Hairbase on tattoo layer: Natural Brown, Amacci
  • Hair: BoHo in treacle, Truth
  • Nail polish: Vextra Messing Supershine Nail Polish in Pink/Gossip
  • Top: Mykonos Top in Raspberry, Tiny Bird
  • Jeans: Dark Iunno Jeans Flared, fri.day
  • Sandals: Ultimate Ashanti, Baby Monkey
  • Jewelry: Wanderer by League
  • Bicycle: LDPW Bike (free)
  • Location: Seven Chickens Bridge
  • Viewer: Linden Lab 2.6.2
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