Goodbye #31

Second Life
Yesterday was my last day as a resident of New Toulouse Bayou. It was not easy saying goodbye to my corner of the swamp. I love New Toulouse. It’s beautiful and has a wonderful community. First life goals, however, demand I curb my spending a little. However, my gracious and understanding landowner, Gabrielle Riel, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I will be returning to New Toulouse in a month or so when its new sim, Jardin, opens. It will be a smaller parcel (and quite possibly hold a shop). I’m looking forward to a new chapter.

I took some final shots of my little swamp shack. I used a custom Windlight setting by Penny Patton, but these are not edited otherwise. You can see the photos larger on my Flickr.

Second Life
Second Life
Second Life
Second Life
Second Life
Second Life
Second Life


  • Swamp shack: Voodoo Bayou Shack by Morrighain Aeon (Marketplace)
  • Various furniture and decor: Noctis, B&B Spiritual Supplies, CACHE, what next, Mambo Mila’s Mystickal Oddities, e-brink’s Design Products and Builds, Dirty Deeds, Cariocca Designs, Montage Noire Clothiers and Furnishings
  • Cat: Zooby
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