There’s No Place Like Home

Second Life

I’ve finally finished going through all the gifts from the There’s No Place Like Home hunt. There are many wonderful gifts and here are just a few of my favorites plus some other goodies from here and there, old and new.

In the photo above:

  • Bohus Mobler Set (chair, table art, rug, cocktail set, dish of mixed nuts, book) by POST.
  • The Miss Garland Record Shelf by La Flat
  • Pitcher of Tulips by Ruth’s Creations
  • TV by Fancy That

Second Life

  • Relaxing Evening bathtub & backdrop by HopScotch

Second Life

  • Vase & Flowers by Urbanized
  • SQ Mexican Antique Carved Cabinet (Baby Changer) by Where Worlds Collide
  • Boho Pouffe & Lamp by Cheeky Pea
  • Framed Hanging Ravens by Kosh
  • Sculpted Scene Changing Window by Finishing Touches
  • Stepladder with Pillow & Potted Plants by Sher’s Cottage

Second Life

  • Mirabelle Slipper Chairs by what next
  • Slipper Lounger & Lamp by  FD Decor
  • Coffee Table & Rug by No Name Design

Second Life

  • Skin: Jita by MONS for The Dressing Room Blue
  • Hairbase on tattoo layer: Amacci in Dark Brown
  • Hair: Cynthia by Exile for The Dressing Room Blue
  • Eyes: Mynerva for the Geekgasm Hunt
  • Lingerie: Avril by Sn@tch for Disco Deals
  • Nail polish: Vextra Messing Supershine Toe and Nail Polish in Honey
  • Pose: DESIRE
  • Viewer: Linden Lab 2.5.0 Beta

Second Life

  • Country Impressions #5 by Pocket Gardens
  • Vintage Birdhouse by FIN
  • Tin Man by Hanaya
  • Garden Seat by Laridian Designs

Second Life

  • Skin: Spirit, Harmony, Cupid’s Kiss 2 by Heartsick (Lucky Board)
  • Lashes: 06 by Mozz for Kozmetika
  • Eyes: Mynerva for the Geekgasm Hunt
  • Nail Polish: Hot Hot Pink by Rezipsa Loc for Kozmetika
  • Hair: Layne in dual chocolate by Exile
  • Dress: Newspapers by Sassy Kitty Designs for the Dark Katz Hunt
  • Skirt: Loathed High-Waisted Mini by Kyoot (Lucky Board)
  • Leggings: Sheer Fishnets by Nayar
  • Shoes: le ballerina opaque by Tokidoki (new)
  • Bracelets: Linka Demina for The Dressing Room
  • Pose: Just a Pose
  • Location: New Toulouse
  • Viewer: Linden Lab 2.5.0
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