Second Life

Phoenix has released a preview of its 2x viewer, FireStorm.

You can download it here, but keep in mind that that it’s just a preview. It’s not beta; it’s not even alpha. It has bugs and it’s missing many features like a radar and integrated AO. It’s pretty solid, however. I’m currently on it and used it to take this photo. Like v2, it supports multiple layers and has the attractive v2 interface, but with increased usability. As for the contentious sidebar, FireStorm offers a great compromise that allows residents to use it or put it away. No sidebar for me, thanks!

If you haven’t used v2 in a long time (or ever), Phoenix Project Manager and Founder Jessica Lyon created a video tutorial to help introduce you to its features.

And so the clothes!


  • Earrings: White Pearl Stud Earrings by Caroline’s
  • Nail polish: Black Cherry Nails by Rezipsa Loc for Kozmetika
  • Necklace: Sophia Necklace by LacieCakes
  • Dress: Popcorn Dress by Vive9
  • Skin: Skye, Chai, Beestung by Pink Fuel
  • Hair: YunA’s (January group gift)
  • Hairbase on tattoo layer: Amacci
  • Eyeliner on tattoo layer: Icey Inner White by cheLLe for Kozmetika
  • Jeans: Iunno Black Jeans Flared by
  • Bracelets: Vellas
  • Eyes: Mynerva for the Geekgasm Hunt
  • Pose: VAGO
  • Location: Kyoot
  • Viewer: FireStorm
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