Second Life

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks overhauling my Second Life.

I spent a few days working on my avatar and brought her down from a towering 6’8” frame with a head too small, arms too short, and legs too long to a well-proportioned 5’7”.

I’ve also been cleaning out my Inventory. Now that Phoenix Viewer has the option to create links like Linden Lab’s viewer 2, I decided to go through the Inventory and delete the duplicates of the basic things I wear everyday like my shape, eyes, brows, and nose ring as well as to create links to some common items like hair, shoes, jewelry, skins and some wardrobe basics like jeans. I also got rid of a lot of items, things from my newbie days that now look, well, noobish, and outfits that I like, but don’t love and will probably never wear. I have more clothes than I’ll ever wear and always acquiring more; I’m not going to miss that skirt with the weird print that I didn’t remember I had. I brought my Inventory down from over 16k to 13k and I’m not done yet. I still have to tackle the home goods.

While cleaning out my Inventory, I learned a few things:

  • I misspelled “hells” instead of  “heels” a lot.
  • Many things that I thought looked wonderful when I joined Second Life are considerably less impressive now. This is especially true of shoes.
  • Although I love freebies, I will spend money on a store I love. Case in point: PixelDolls. I could start my own outlet with what’s in my Inventory. I love PixelDolls so much that I’d actually purchased the same outfit more than once on a few occasional.

Like this cute dress. I paired it with one of my new skins from Pink Fuel and my new favorite earrings, a group gift from B&B Spiritual Supplies.
Second Life


  • Eyes: Mynerva for the Geekgasm Hunt
  • Hair base: Amacci in Dark Brown
  • Hair: Unbirthday Redux in Snickers by lamb
  • Nail polish: Vextra Messing Supershine Nail Polish in Chocolate
  • Skin: Pink Fuel Skye, Chai, Scene
  • Earrings: B&B Spiritual Supplies
  • Dress: PixelDolls Etoile in Antique
  • Shoes: G Field Brown Ribbon Slingbacks
  • Poses: Olive Juice
  • Location: BlakOpal sim
  • Viewer: Phoenix Viewer
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