Avatar Bizarre

Second Life

I’ve grown interested in the subject of avatar proportion and how it relates to building in Second Life. 

My avatar is about 6’8”, which is quite tall by real life standards, but fairly normal in SL. I’m learning that there are a number of reasons for this. Among them are disproportionate starter avatars, an inadequate avatar editor, and camera placement. Unlike a traditional video game, the SL camera is high above the avatar. To be able to see, we need larger and taller builds, which necessitate more space and prims. Another negative consequence of a disproportionately large avatar is that animations, which are created in programs that use corrected avatars, are off.

In real life, people come in all shapes and sizes. To focus on judging the size of lips, breasts, bum, and other specific features is missing the point. The point is balance while, for me, still retaining a sense of the whimsical. After all, some of the most interesting avatars are intentionally out of proportion and that can enhance certain other visual aspects.

On the left is my original avatar standing at 6’8”. On the left is a new version standing at 5’8”. It’s a work in progress.


  • Skin: Tuli
  • Hair: Shag
  • Bikini: Reek
  • Pose: hate me and eat me
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