Black & White in Color

Second Life

I love the sights and sounds (and food!) of India.

I visited the White Taj and the Black Taj. The White Taj is modeled after the Taj Mahal and the Black Taj is a product of the imagination. The structures are impressive and the sites are beautiful and lush with some romantic nooks. Dancing is available as well.

And if you enjoy the music of India, come down to Madhu’s Cafe, a warm and friendly outdoor coffee house in beautiful New Toulouse, tonight at 6pm SLT for the best in Indian and Hindi music as well as Arabic, African, and world music.


  • Nail polish: Vextra
  • Salwar Sonali oufit: Mashooka
  • Skin: Tuli
  • Lips: Tuli (tattoo layer)
  • Hair: Exile
  • Sandals: Lassitude & Ennui
  • Eyes: Mynerva for the Geekgasm Hunt
  • Pose: Tram
  • WindLight: Torley’s Sunrise Liz Gluft
  • Location: White Taj, Black Taj
  • Viewer: Phoenix
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