Skin Me

Second Life

There’s a certain skin brand that I just love love love[cough cough Tuli cough], but I admit I am unfaithful. I am a skinophile. I don’t change my shape often, but I just can’t resist all the beautiful skins out there. I got a good fix this weekend.

The first is the High Fever skin from hsh’s Lucky Board. It’s a group board, but the group is free to join. It has a 30-minute turnover, but I grabbed it in under ten minutes thanks to all the lovely ladies camping out and turning it quickly.  The second skin and third is the Enna Skin by MonS featured at the Dressing Room Blue for L$70. It comes with blush (shown) and cleavage (not shown) tattoo layers.

Second Life

Heartsick skins

Heartsick, always generous, is gifting the Spirit Teaser pack in two tones, the pale Reverie and darker Cassis. They both come with cleavage and freckles options. Heartsick also sent out a gift with two lip tattoos (shown on on Cassis) and two shapes, one male and one female (not shown).


  • hsh High Fever Skin
  • Spirit Teaser by Heartsick
  • Cherry Glossy Lips and Mink Lips Tattoos by Heartsick
  • Ebba Skin by MonS for the Dressing Room Blue
  • Pictures of You hair in Coffee by Shag
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